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Specialization areas

The staff at Expert Witness Services, Inc. specializes in evaluating physical evidence involved, or potentially involved, in litigation from the viewpoint of the Natural Sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc.) and Biological Sciences (biology, medicine, anthropology, etc.) and reporting what the evidence indicates with regards to a case.

Some of the specific areas in which the staff specializes are:

The analysis of a sequence of events which lead up to injury, loss of property, or loss of life. One aspect of Event Reconstruction is Vehicle Accident Reconstruction.

    • Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

      • Vehicle Type:

Cars, pedestrians, motorcycles, bikes, skateboards,  trucks, buses, semis, fork-lifts, tractors, cranes, etc.

      • Accident Type:

Two-vehicle, multi-vehicle, solo-vehicle, vehicle-bike, vehicle-pedestrian, etc.

The analysis of traffic light signal timing relating to vehicle accident reconstruction in order to attempt to determine the process of a signalized intersection through its cycle and, ultimately, who most likely entered the intersection on a green indication.

The application of the areas from Physics of Mechanics and Dynamics to a biological entity, rather than to an inanimate object.

The application of energy and forces involved in the movement of living things and the principles of levers, forces, time, and distance are applied to bones, muscle, and tissue, rather than boards, fenders, and tires.

The evaluation of the Human part of an event. The consideration of the psychological and physiological aspects of the interactions of the human with “his” environment. Such aspects as visual perception vs. seeing, cognition, interpretation of sensory cues, and “normal” performance under a particular set of psychological, physiological, and environmental conditions are considered. Body movements, “goodness of fit” of person to environment, perception of risk vs. safety vs. danger, and expectancy factors are also considered.