Our Principal Consultants

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Expert Witness Services, Inc. Staff –

Expert Witness Services, Inc. currently has two principal consultants available as full time staff

Daniel Vomhof III, BS, EIT – ACTAR # 484

Mr. Vomhof can be reached via e-mail at the following address – DV3@null4n6xprt.com 

In addition to over 3000 contact hours of Vehicle Collision Investigation and Reconstruction training Mr. Vomhof has specialized knowledge in Traffic Signal Timing and been engaged in over 70 cases to determine the signal sequencing in “who had the green?” cases. Mr. Vomhof has been a Full Time Reconstructionist since 1992.

Mr. Vomhof has the following:

    •  – B.S. – Engineering
    •  – Engineer-In-Training Registration
    •  – ACTAR accreditation

Mr. Vomhof’s CV is available at – Download Mr. Vomhof’s Resume

Daniel W. Vomhof, Ph.D. – ACTAR # 483

Dr. Vomhof has “retired” from testifying work, however, he is still available for consultation and case review and technical analysis of the physical evidence.

Dr. Vomhof can be reached via e-mail at the following address – DrDan@null4n6xprt.com 

Dr. Vomhof has been a full time Forensic Consultant since 1973. Has reconstructed over 3000 accidents and appeared in over 500 trials as a testifying expert witness.

Dr. Vomhof has the following degrees:

    •  – Ph.D. – Biochemistry/Physiology
    •  – M.S. – Analytical Chemistry
    •  – M.S. – Occupational Safety & Health
    •  – B.S. – Manufacturing Engineering
    •  – B.A. – Chemistry, Physics
    •  – ACTAR accreditation

Dr. Vomhof’s CV is available at – Download Dr. Vomhof’s Resume