Traffic Signals – Questions to Ask

Many times the information that is available at a traffic signal controlled intersection is ignored. The only question(s) asked are – “Who had the green?”

Often times, the more appropriate questions are –

  • Who was moving as you approached the intersection?
  • Who was stopped?
  • What traffic moved immediately AFTER the collision occurred?

Armed with the answers to these questions, and the Traffic Signal Timing plan, a party with the appropriate education and experience can say ” based on the Traffic Signal Timing, and the movements described, Party B most likely had the green when this collision occurred.”

With his years of employment at the City of La Mesa, and subsequent years applying the knowledge gained at the City to Traffic Signal controlled intersection collisions, Mr. Vomhof has the knowledge and experience to interpret and apply the timing from most signal timing plans to a signal contolled collision.

While we hope that you never need his expertise, if you do, please consider us

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